About us

About Us Sports Zona

We are a family businessOur passion theteam sports.You can find us on the web as sportszona.com and our exhibition area at calle del sol # 56 Sabadell Barcelona.

We strive to create your sporty style and that you stand out "both on and off the competition field".

Our goal is to offer various sports articles for the practice of your sport: Baseball, American Football, Lacrosse Hockey, and Softball. Our main lines.

Benefits to trust Sports Zone

  • Security in your purchase
  • Quick assistance service
  • Management of your returns
  • Technical and detailed information about the products
  • Updating new products
  • Traditional brands and new trends.
  • Simplify your time in the search for your kit

 How we work?

 Sports Zona works on request. We are always working to scale with our own inventory. All products are imported from Our suppliers in the United States and Canada.

We pride ourselves on being part of creating your team!