Champro Sports Triple Sublimated Cape

In accordance with the national recommendation on security measures to combat COVID 19, we should all wear a mask in public places. In this momentous situation, we present our reusable sports masks, thanks to our collaboration with Champro sports.

We know how difficult and annoying the use of a face mask is, which is why our 3D design provides space between you and the mask to reduce condensation, making it more comfortable and effective during long periods of use.

 The CHAMPRO mask is designed for non-medical environments and is perfect for work or personal use. We believe it is a good opportunity to show the colors of your favorite sport or team.

From 12 Units.

Product benefits:

  • The Three-layer construction maintains protection.
  • 3D design reduces condensationThis is equal to comfort during long periods of use.
  • Washable mask up to 30 washes which makes iteconomic and ecological.
  •  Two wear styles available to provide your preferred fit.
  • You can choose and combineadult and youth sizes.
  • Unit Price 15 30 washess product price 0.50 


  • Premium materials, with high levels of customization.
  • Outer layer: fabric 100 polyester% breathable and light.
  • Inner layers:100% cottonn Unbleached for added filtration and breathable comfort.

Hometown: Chicago USAA)


¿How to order your personalized masks 

 Send us a request To do it for you. OR Follow the next 4 steps. Copy the example described below, you will find a form at the bottom of the page paste your information in the message option. Fill in the other information that is asked of you.

  1. Face mask style: Around the ear
  2. Color option:ROY
  3. Texture Design:Pattern Flurry
  4. Logo and Text Position: Right Logo(4) | Left Letter(Demonized 4(4)
 * Delivery times may vary depending on the volume of the order and will be confirmed at the time the order is approved.
Delivery times are manufacturing days and do not include shipping to the customer from our production center. 



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